Operational Security


Operational and protective security solutions from SEC Black International Security are tailored to the threat environment and the business context of your operations. They integrate client culture and local practical constraints and aim to facilitate long-term project goals.

Custom Security

Whether you require support throughout an entire project life cycle or for a single event, we can deliver a right-sized solution that meets the threats you face.

Security professionals and rigorous methodology:

  • Security professionals with a proven track record from our extensive global network are integrated into management teams with country and sector experience, balanced between local national and expatriate representation.
  • Where possible, our security professionals are locally based or have extensive location-based experience. All our consultants and operators are highly skilled and extensively vetted.
  • Our security structures and methodologies set best practice and have been refined over decades in support of complex projects around the world.


SEC Black International Security experts and consultants are supported by our global, multi-disciplinary expertise and are able to call on this resource at any time. This gives them full visibility of the local, national and global context of your security operation. Operational staff receives regular information on evolving threats and risks – political, security or cyber – from our analyst network.

Security is often the criterion by which a company’s conduct is judged and reputation forged. This is particularly the case in volatile and hostile environments.

Our approach to security incorporates our commitment to human rights, the Voluntary Principles on Security an

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