Emergency Responses


It is very disruptive and potentially traumatic when something happens that strikes at the core of an organization. Employees, shareholders and stakeholders are all affected. The suspicion of wrongdoing, a dispute, or an attack on your systems, assets and people must not create paralysis or rash decisions. A quick, measured response and recovery are vital.

Experience & Expertise

Resolving critical issues and crises is a core part of SEC Black International Security services, developed over years during which we have helped a multitude of clients in various countries. Whether you are facing a complex crisis or an imminent threat to life, we can help you navigate, respond to and resolve the most difficult of circumstances.

s Preparation and readiness underpin the most successful response and recovery strategies, but whatever the situation, SEC Black International Security has the required expertise and experience. Our specialists include crisis management and security consultants, investigators, protective services, cyber incident responders, technology experts, workplace violence consultants and problem solvers.


SEC Black International Security delivers several types of training services consisting of customized training and teaching programs to enhance the capabilities of individuals, corporations, and organizations, as well as military/PMC operators working in complex and even hostile environments.

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