Disaster Management


Our Disaster Management services offer government, community, humanitarian and corporations ability to identify, respond, document and assess strategic and operational disasters and incidents as a dedicated discipline – and to link those to the detailed processes, response mechanisms and controls at the organizational, department or individual process level.


Our disaster managers are experienced in responding to and managing natural disasters, disease outbreaks, market disruptions, and operational incidents.

We help decision-makers take immediate control of the situation, stabilize their organizations, and accelerate and deliver on recovery.

Key to the value we bring is our deep understanding of how crises and disaster management unfold. We know what the breakpoints are, and act preemptively to protect them—containing problems before they escalate and proactively managing critical stakeholders. We then look to the future, helping clients find and fix the root cause of the situation or militate against future events, and ensure they recover stronger than before.

As part of our immediate disaster response mechanism we deploy experienced Search & Recovery teams along with specialized K9 Units.


We have the expertise to establish solid response, management structures and processes on an individual, facility or location and beyond – right up to a national disaster response. All our consultants work in concert with local resources, experts, cyber professionals and the full spectrum of our global expertise to ensure that the disaster management process starts expectedly and integrates a wide strategy encompassing all risks and threats.

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