Our Company's Story

About us

SEC Black International Security is a specialist risk, crisis and disaster management firm. We are committed to helping our clients build organizations that are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of ever-changing risk and volatility

Dynamic Services

As requirements change, so do our services.

Rapid Response

We respond to evolving situations, when urgency is paramount.

Risk Forecase

Indicators and triggers are defined along with mitigation measures.


We believe that responsible risk taking is at the core of any successful organization. We have extensive experience in helping clients solve the challenges and crises that arise in any ambitious organization seeking to convert risk into opportunity globally. The insight and depth of experience we have gained since 2012 proves invaluable in giving our clients the operational support, intelligence and training they need to grasp opportunities with greater certainty.


Confidentiality is important to many of the organizations we work for, so we don’t identify clients as a matter of course. They include national and multinational businesses in all sectors, law firms, government departments and an increasing number of non-governmental organizations. We also support small and medium-sized national and international companies on their journey to greater security, compliance and resilience.


SEC Black International Security is comprised by a diverse group of subject matter experts – bringing multiple perspectives and deep experience to bear on our clients’ behalf. Our expertise reflects our backgrounds as disaster response specialists, aid workers, investigators, law enforcement officers, cyber experts, political scientists, soldiers, strategy consultants, intelligence officers and a host of other professions. It is this combination based in multiple offices on all continents that makes SEC Black International Security relevant and distinctive.

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